Customs formalities and Customs documents for Import and Export.

  • Transit declaration ( T1,T2L)
  • Exit declaration for Customs goods (EXC -document)
  • Tir Carnet and electronic registration of  Tir- NCTS document by customs;
  • Import Declaration ( IMA- document);
  • Export Declaration ( EXA – document);
  • Assistance by customs inspections;
  • Various documents and certificates for import, export:  Certificate of Origin, EUR-1,  EUR-Med,  ATR, CMR
  • Fiscal representation;
  • Customs and tax consultation ;
  • Market  research and support by registration of a new company;
  • Support by obtains of permits and licenses.
  • Consulting in the field of foreign trade, European  Customs Law and Taxation.

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To our customs activities, Dutch forwarding conditions Fenex applies.

Customs documents & certificates
TIR Carnet and electronic registration of TIR-NCTS document
Transit declaration, T1, T2L document
Import Declaration, arrival declaration
Export Declaration, exit declaration
Certificates of Origin, various documents for Import & Export
Fiscal representation
Customs and Tax advise. Marketing research