Customs & warehousing. International road and container transport.

Logistic optimization for companies of different fields, activities, and sizes. Our philosophy is simple:



AB. Com, having sufficient potential, the company operates on the principle of 7R:
“The right product, in the right quantity and the right condition, at the right place, at the right time, for the right customer at the right cost.”

Customs warehouse and storage in Rotterdam.

Storage and transshipment customs and bonded and free- circulation goods.  Became possible due to certification of our storage facilities and obtaining all necessary customs licenses. Modern video surveillance and security systems, flexible working hours, and 24/7 communication with local customs authorities will provide the necessary security and avoid any delays in the logistics chain.

Container transport. 

Container transportation by land with own trucks and container chassis. An important part of the logistics chain will ensure the continuity of the logistics process and save your money and time.

International road transport.

International transport services of full truckloads and partial cargo.  From and to Western Europe: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, the Baltic States and other countries of Eastern Europe and former USSR and Visa Versa. We’re driving with our own trucks of different modifications.

Customs procedures, documents & certificates.

Status of a customs agent, AEO-operator and all necessary customs licenses ensure correct and quick goods flow.  Electronic communication with the state customs and chamber of commerce allows us to make all needed documentation 24/7.

Global forwarding & logistics

Optimization of your logistics processes, routes and find the most effective way of transportation. Arranging airfreight, sea freight, road freight, and handling of you import and export consignments worldwide.

Consultancy and Research

We consult different companies in the field of international VAT, Customs legislation, international trade, and other questions.  We offer assistance with research and company registration and provide oversight in administration.

By offering our clients a full range of logistics, transportation, and other value-added services in a timely, tailored, and cost-effective manner,  we are able to provide an integrated and tailored approach to all your logistics needs.

To all our activities apply, depending on the nature of these activities: Forwarding activities: the Dutch Forwarding Conditions (Nederlandse Expeditievoorwarden). International carriage of goods by road: CMR Treaty in addition to AVC Conditions. National carriage of goods by road: AVC conditions. Ship-Agency: the general condition for Dutch ship-agents  (algemene Nederlandse Cargadoorsvoorwaarden).  Warehousing activities: Fenex – Dutch Warehousing Conditions. We will send  you conditions  on your first requrest.

We opened our first office in Rotterdam Seaport and operated mostly as a road freight forwarding company to CIS countries.
We opened two new offices in Kiev (UA) and Poltava (UA) and purchased our own DAF and small trucks,
We started operating as a worldwide freight forwarding company, using air-, sea-and raill-freight, as well as consolidation and distribution.
We opened our customs-bonded warehouse in Rotterdam harbour and obtained Custom Agent licenses.
We obtained AEO status and opened a transport company called AB Com Transport B.V.
We started operating road freight of seacontainers to international and national destinations.
We began consulting our clients and assisting them with research regarding customs legislation and international trade.
Solving all your logistics needs within your business realities. We're always here for you!