Geography of services

AB Com Services offers cargo transportation services from any point of the world to various destinations.

Our well established connections with major sea- and airlines as well as a network of agencies throughout the world ensure professionalism, cost-effectiveness and the highest standard of customer service for each client.

Daily departures within and from Europe to:

  •     Ukraine
  •     Russia
  •     Lithuania
  •     Kazakhstan
  •     Latvia

Weekly departures from Europe to:

  •     Belarus
  •     Estonia
  •     Uzbekistan

Weekly departures from any port or airport in:

  •     China
  •     Taiwan
  •     Far-East
  •     Middle-East
  •     North- America
  •     South-America
  •    New Zeeland
  •     Australia

Please be assured that your cargo shipment is tracked and handled with utmost care and efficiency on all deliveries.

If you need additional information about these destinations or destinations not listed above, please feel free to contact us for more information.